Queen’s University Seeking Input by Those Affected by Rare Cancers


Are you someone living with rare cancer, or a carer of someone who is?

Are you interested in shaping and improving information and support for people living and working with rare cancer?

Then get in touch by the 1st June 2018 by emailing Julie McMullan

Queen’s University Belfast would value your input and expertise, in shaping and developing their research project.  At this stage they only need your permission to be named as an individual involved in the proposal, as we are currently at the initial stages of seeking funding for the research.

If successful in reaching the next stage of the application, Queen’s University will be in touch to invite you to share your input in co-developing the content and enhance the research design, to help make the project more worthwhile and effective in addressing needs and disseminate findings in a way that is of greatest benefit to you.

Your views matter so please get in touch to make your opinions count.

The project is funded by McMillian Cancer Support. Details of the scheme